Not planning a wedding? Don't worry.  I apply the same passion and dedication to every social event and corporate activation I work on. It's important to me that every event I do reflects each specific client's goals and style while providing an outstanding guest experience.  

I truly believe that wedding days should feel flawless and magical. I also feel that the planning process doesn’t have to be stressful.

A well planned wedding is really the key to the perfect wedding day and it all depends on the perfect formula: your vendors and the person in charge of ensuring all the details are properly executed and on time.

I love working side by side my brides to learn their personalities and preferences-enabling me to answer any questions on their behalf on the wedding day. Planning the perfect wedding day with my clients means planning the first day of the rest of their lives.

To me, this means that every bride should get to "be the bride"-and not just the month before the wedding. Creating an easy and fun wedding planning experience means I'm there from the moment you book me-to be your sounding board, your voice of reason and to help guide the whole process - from selecting the correct vendors - to working out your event style, floor plans, timeline and so much more...  all in the effort to help you design not only a beautiful celebration, but an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Because of my dedication to each event, I simply don't take every wedding or event that comes my way. I believe every client should feel like a priority and that means I'm very selective with the quantity and type of events I take.  I also believe that a  successful planning experience is about connection and trust. I love for every client to to truly enjoy working with me and trust my network of vetted vendors, my experience and my specific aesthetic. It's about bringing it all together to create an unforgettable day that represents your style and celebrates your love. 



A few of my favorite moments: