I Said YES.

It was my birthday weekend, and he took me to a place that was the dream combination of all my favorite things: wine-oysters-fancy history-and live music. NAPA! 

Going away for a surprise weekend on my birthday isn't out of the ordinary, so I was NOT suspect of being proposed to, though I definitely  told a few of my closest friends that if he didn't propose this weekend that it would be so completely LAME because I really didn't want to be cliche and be a holiday proposal, and the foreseeable future was full of holidays (It was November). 

Every element was a surprise, we stayed at the Churchill Manor, lunched at the Oxbow Market, and had an afternoon appointment somewhere that was naturally a surprise. 

It was mid-afternoon, and it had been pouring rain all weekend and as we were leaving to go outside all of a sudden Hotel California was playing on the house speakers (which was weird because it had been classical music the whole time), and we walked outside and he wouldn't let me grab an umbrella. Ok, weird. Then he told me to walk with him down the path to the fountain and to look in it, and there was so totally nothing there, but when I turned around there he was, down on one knee with a stunning rose gold ring in a blue box. And all I could say was "you're doing this NOW?!".  

I started crying, and he did too, and we were both kind of speechless. And finally he asked, I said yes, and he put the ring on my finger and then I realized, a close friend and wedding photographer from Utah, Logan Walker was there-and had captured the whole thing. And I started crying all over again! It was so amazing, and then BOOM. It hit me, I finally knew what it was like to be the bride.


There's all this stuff, that as a professional, you kind of know people do once they get engaged, but you don't really know unless you've been engaged and married before. So all of a sudden, we found ourselves posing for engagement photos, taking ring selfies, and facetiming our parents. We decided to just share our news quietly to our close friends first and wait until the morning to make a social media announcement. Turns out, a lot more people knew it was going to happen than I did and keeping it a secret was quite the project. 

We went to dinner and live music at the then new to Napa Blue Note Jazz Club and watched two sets of the incredible Dee Dee Bridgewater. We even got to meet her in between sets and she held our hands and personally congratulated us. It was the most surreal and precious day ever.