Working out the DEETS.

To be honest, since wedding planning is my schtick, I really haven't been all that gung ho about planning my own wedding-It's just not on the radar of things that add to my stress. My closest friends are some really talented wed pros, so I'm not worried about all that. What's been on my mind mostly, are the parts of wedding planning that I normally don't do as the wedding planner... things like:

-Who's invited (and how to deal with who's not)! How big can we deal with this guest list getting... (it's growing like a weed.)

-What type of wedding day experience do I want for these guests?! (AND ahem, also for me and my groom!?)

-Where is all the family going to stay?! 

-Family + Friend Dynamics: Fun fact: Our parents have never met each other. Our families are from totally different parts of the country. Our friends are all SO different. My biggest challenge yet might be bringing all these people together, and making sure that we have something planned that will work for everyone on the spectrum of varying taste, backgrounds, activity levels and interest. 

-Skin care + fitness. If I'm going to be able to make it to the wedding day with good skin and a "fit looking" bod, I have GOT to find: 1) a work out plan that I'll actually do consistently and 2) a facialist that isn't going to ruin my sensitive skin or my bank account. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the wedding planning updates... J and I are in discussions about venue choices, and what type of wedding weekend we might want.