Quality, Authenticity and consistency are what makes an online presence matter.

The wonderful world of weddings and events is fueled by the internet. Your online presence matters to today’s bride. In the online world, quality, consistency and curation can make a world of difference – it can even be a determining factor in whether you get booked or not.

Finding the right voice, a balance in what to post, and even how or when to post become a struggle. Especially when you are already inundated with the real workings and priorities of running a business.

I’ll help you see the potential available to your business via the internet and curate an online presence that truly showcases your talents and offerings so you can connect with your perfect future clients.


Bring a Fresh Perspective to Your Brand

I can work with you and your staff to review your current social media, advertising and brand presence and assist you in a creating a content marketing plan to improve your online presentation to prospective clients and colleagues. In addition, I can implement our plan and update your social media profiles, do the posting, blogging, online marketing and so much more. My job is to create and curate a beautiful and legitimate online presence for your wedding industry business.


    Available Services:

    • Social Media Strategy + Management
    • Brand Strategy 
    • Blog Management 
    • Content Creation
    • Company / Brand Marketing Sessions
    • Educational Sessions & Classes
    • Working with Publications / Submissions / PR