Why everyone needs a wedding planner: A Guest's Perspective

It's not every weekend I'm sitting in the ceremony seats at a wedding. But recently, I was invited to travel out of state for a wedding with my man. We were attending a wedding of one of his friends, and truly, I was excited to be a guest. I rarely get this opportunity, so I ordered a new dress (it didn't fit, so I had to wear one I already had-wedding guest frustration numero uno...).

 Photo: Pepper Nix Photography

Photo: Pepper Nix Photography

We made it to our destination and caught up with the bride & groom, (I had met the two of them a few times, but they live in a different state so I'm not extra close with them). It really was like a reunion (which, as many times as I've done a wedding, I never completely realized how much a wedding really is like a massive reunion-filled with all the weird pressures you can imagine! I really need to give the drunk bridal party a break the next time I do a wedding...).  It's more than just a combination of the bride and groom's immediate family, it's a complete mashup of their entire lives-with the friends of their past, combining with current friends as well as extended family and so on.

OMG. I really need to give the drunk wedding party a break the next time I do a wedding!!!! 

As you can imagine, I had quite a few moments of OCD type anxiety-especially when it came to some MAJORLY weird behavior with vendors (which, if you have ever worked with me, just isn't ever ever ever a problem!), interesting timing issues, and a few guest experience issues that could have been better planned for.

But what stood out the most for me, as a guest at a wedding without a planner...was that there wasn't any specific flow through out the day's events. Everyone just did what they thought they should be doing, based off what they had experienced at previous weddings.  Which I think clearly wasn't the end of the world of course, but seeing so many events with such great flow, where the guests AND the wedding party know exactly where they're supposed to be and when, when the guests don't have to just guess what's happening next, and they're almost magically escorted from moment to moment-without any last minute chaos-that's what was missing.  

Having a wedding planner (a good one!) means you're including someone in the intimate details of your wedding so that you don't have to worry for one second about the details being executed, but it also means you-the bride-aren't in charge of things you don't know are supposed to be happening, and your guests will be led through the evening on a smooth schedule and not be wondering what they're supposed to be doing at any moment. 

So moral of the story, a wedding planner is MORE than beneficial for the bride and groom. For the sake of your guests-hire a wedding planner so that the guest experience is as fantastic as it can be on your wedding day!