Gifting: Teak & Twine is Winning the Game.

Feeling gratitude is one thing, but showing it is a whole other thing and let me tell you my friends, it goes a long way. As it turns out, Teak & Twine has the perfect way for you to share the love. 

The other day, this delightful little package arrived on my doorstep and I was totally surprised and totally pleased at the same time!  Of course when it comes to gifts, it's not polite to be picky, but since I'm naturally on the picky side, you can imagine how pleased I was when everything about this one exceeded my expectations.

From the box itself, to the perfectly customized belly band + sticker to the beautifully arranged, complementing artisanal items inside the box, I knew I had met my match when it comes to gifting. I'm even obsessed with the foil stamped quote on the front. 

And then I went to their website to learn more. And you know what? I'm sold. They have different price ranges, boxes suitable for different occasions and are true purveyors of unique artisanal goods. The particular box of goodies I received was perfect for me, and was all about little indulgences in all different areas of life. 

They have such a great selection, it allows you to really get personal with your gifting. They'll even include a hand written note from you.

In my mind, this literally is the perfect vendor gift, wedding party gift, thank you gift, client gift, you name it.  Teak & Twine will definitely live on my bookmarks bar. 

I can't wait to try everything, keep an eye on my instagram for my thoughts on each product as I work my way through them.