Williamson Wines: More Than a Wine Tasting

I've been to a solid amount of wine tastings, and of course, not all of them are worth discussing. But Justin and I popped into Williamson Wines lately to buy a gift for a discerning client and let me tell you - we were not disappointed. My list of wineries to explore is long, but I'm really glad this one jumped to the top of the list and here's why:  Williamson Wines has figured out a way to make wine tasting even more experiential  than regular wine tasting is! 

Some wineries will of course bring you cheese + crackers to pair with their wines, but this was really a cut above. They had very specific bites to pair with each wine they let us taste. And it was about more than just making your tastebuds happy enough in that moment that you'd buy more wine - it was so that you'd have a real life application for the wine and know exactly how you might drink or serve it at home or to your own dinner guests. 

In addition, when you join the wine club (which we totally did) you even get recipes sent with the wine so you have some great dishes to cook up to go with your special wine. I suggest saving it for a fun evening of cooking with friends who have equally good taste (which is totally what we plan to do!). In addition, I ALSO totally love that they have special wine dinners in their Healdsburg tasting room and word on the street is their wine pick up parties are pretty rad. 

We personally tend to try out different wine clubs, (we're lucky to live in an area well-stocked with great wine!) and so we like to see what they all have to offer...but I have a feeling we'll be hanging out with Williamson Wines for awhile.