About My Tapas Addiction: Bravas in Healdsburg Isn't Helping

I have a major thing for tapas, and I prefer to dine outside on a lovely patio with great ambiance supplied by jazzin music. After some fab wine tasting while in Healdsburg, I was of course, on the hunt for some delish dining and Justin and I discovered this super cute place, Bravas. It's major curb appeal piqued my curiosity and then I saw the sign "Backyard Open". I knew it was the place. 

Slightly buzzing from the wine tasting, we sauntered through the super cute restaurant and found a cozy spot on the patio. We always order a cocktail to start a long meal and got to exploring the menu. We were totally overwhelmed with the options and we just couldn't pick one, so as you do, we picked quite a few and let them be delivered slowly.

We loved every.single.thing. we ordered, but here's what our shortlist of total favs:

  • Pocket Creek Duck Egg, Sunnyside Up with Chorizo Cracklings, Toast
  • Long Cooked Pork Cheeks with Salsa Verde, Pequillo Pepper
  • Shiitake Mushroom Escabeche with Toasted Ciabatta, Smoked Sea Salt
  • Octopus, Fingerlings, Smoked Paprika, and Olives

There was a few other things that aren't on the online menu that I absolutely LOVED (including the crab salad topped toast with microgreens as well as the grilled artichokes) and we didn't end up ordering a paella, but I will absolutely be back, I'd really love to stay in Healdsburg, have a long dinner including a paella paired with a tasty bottle of a nice red blend like a tempranillo.

I'll be back for more Bravas, don't you worry.