The Hunt for Inspiration: Explore Beyond Your Own Industry

For as long as I've been in the wedding industry, I've subscribed to every single industry newsletter and I keep tabs on what's going on on every major wedding blog and publication. I insta-stalk bridal designer's live feeds during bridal fashion week and I attend wedding industry conferences to make sure I'm in the know.

Consuming wedding hashtags, pantone themed mood boards and talking "weddings" is a more than regular activity for me. And in all honesty, that entire paragraph above is the very reason why getting engaged didn't change my life all that much. It's not like all of a sudden my life was flooded with wedinpso. My life is wedinspo.

Sometimes, I really think the constant barrage of ideas makes true inspiration elusive. Ironic right? 

So, I reach outside the wedding world. I look at entirely different industries to light my fire, and to get my creativity flowing beyond the current wedding trends that already exist. I highly suggest finding another industry that semi interests you but somehow translates to your own and go enjoy that for awhile. Maybe that means fashion, photography, landscaping...whatever.

Design Inspiration

For me, that's interior design. Exploring the art of interiors, the endless possibilities and the idea of taking a necessity and creating an experience out of it.. that is inspirational to me. And so recently Troy and I took a wander through the San Francisco Design District and visited our friend at the Kneedler-Fauchere showroom. I could honestly get lost all day in their land of luxury design. There's something so completely fascinating about the idea of physical objects, such as a couch or a lamp or a table, simply existing as a functional piece of art, that once was just an idea in the mind of a creative. There's something deeply moving to me in the opportunity to experience the final product of many many stages of revisions and communication.

For me, it is in perfect alignment with the feeling of a successful event.

Design Inspiration

We didn't even realize it, but as we explored we were recharging our inspiration batteries. We discussed the logistics of the different installations, compared the use of space and and revisited colors, textures and lighting ideas.

We wandered until we were starving (we should have brought a sandwhich!). We explored the SF Design Center and visited a few more showrooms. We made our way to Restoration Hardware and then discovered the fabulousness of Coup D'Etat

We got a massive amount of steps in, but as soon as we got in the car, we couldn't stop talking about how refreshing it was to gain some different perspective on design in general and to open our minds to a different world than the one we're each so immersed in. 

So I've resolved to take myself out of my own industry and explore something else at length on a regular basis. If you don't have a specific idea on where to start, I suggest interiors, because it does translate to so many different industries and designers are really doing some amazing things. The pure level of refined finishing in the final products will get you thinking out side the box and ready to give your own projects the same level of commitment.