Confession: I'm obsessed with Product Samples.

On the product junkie scale, I imagine myself to be somewhere in the middle, but realistically, I'm much more of a minimalist. You won't find my makeup bag or vanity overflowing with full size products that I never use, I tend to stick to what works and what I like. I have really sensitive skin and I'm not one for committing to whatever looks are trending.

But I will admit, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with product samples and trial sizes of any and all luxury beauty products. It's impossible for me to step away from any beauty counter without some samples. And then when Birchbox came around... oh man. My collection grew steadily each month. The other day I realized my samples basket was completely overflowing. I now have an entire shelf in my hall closet devoted to samples!

I literally hoard my samples from Birchbox. I'm ok with it and here's why:

  • Product Samples of my favorite luxe beauty products are the best thing ever for travel. Especially when I'm only going somewhere for a few days, I can fit a solid amount of my favs in a ziplock baggie and live the carefree carry-on lifestyle without sacrificing my glam necessities. 
  • When I travel out of the country, I try my hardest to stick to a carry-on, and luxe product samples from Birchbox and my favorite beauty counters mean I'm not sacrificing and settling for only the products available at that trial/travel size wall at Target. I can keep using products I love while I travel! 
  • As I mentioned before-I have really sensitive skin-so my satisfaction rate with products is generally pretty low. I love that I can try something out and without having to commit to the full size. And if it doesn't work out for me, I don't feel nearly as guilty about all that wasted product.
  • I can stay updated on what's new and dip my toes into innovative products and try on trends and toss things without buyer's remorse. I LOVE this. 
  • The cute small pretty packaging is irresistible and I like how the little bottles make me feel fancy just for using them.
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