TSE and My 5 top picks from Michael Cerbelli's Hot List

TSE (The Special Event) has been on my radar for quite awhile now, and I was super jazzed to be able to attend this year. I was even more excited when I found out I knew a fair amount of people attending and presenting. I spent most of my time on the showroom floor, meeting new vendors and checking out event trends for the year (and of course, making connections with the hope of bringing back interesting presenters and partners for SF NACE).  

Friendors of mind from all over the states were able to join me, including the best part, Troy was able to join me, and we made it another #simplyfancy adventure. Exploring the expo together was great, we were able to take notes, discuss ideas and bounce inspiration off each other. I posted a ton in Instagram live, but now that I'm writing this after the fact, I wish I had kept the videos so I could share them here. One of our favorite experiences was attending Michael Cerbelli's Hot List presentation together. 

 (Michael Cerbelli is a major player in the events world and he presents his trendsetting picks from different events companies + entertainers at TSE. He creates an experience out of his presentation so we all get a little taste of the talent and gets our inspiration muscles really moving). 

His list was definitely awesome, and I'm going to narrow it down even more and share my top picks from his hot list:

  • All Seated. If you haven't explored this amazing software, you need to stop what you're doing and get an account. This is hands down a game changer when it comes to events. It works for collaborating with your caterers, event staff, designers, and even your client. They keep adding fantastic elements to it, and more and more rental companies are joining in on the fun.  
  • Body Marbling. Interactive entertainment is changing the landscape of events and now it's not just about events that look pretty. Guests want to get in on the fun and this is a really interesting way to mix it up. Guests can dip their arms, fingers, feet and more in the solution and instantly have a temporary tattoo made of marbled color that is transfer resistant, hypoallergenic, glows under blacklight and washes right off with soap and water. 
  • Well Strung String Quartet THIS is a group of men you can't live without. Their amazing singing-strings musical talent and entertainment ability contend with their looks to create a fantastic experience all around. 
  • Eternity de Venus Flowers.  Roses that last a year? Deal. It's the gift that will last all year! I can only imagine the amazing things my florist friends could do with these roses that don't die.
  • Aerial Drones. Drones have changed our world and we didn't realize how much until this hot list item was used to create an LED Lightshow during Lady Gaga's Superbowl half time show. We had a fun preview of this technology and I'm honestly really jazzed to see just how far creativity goes with this! 
 Image Via Wired.

Image Via Wired.

Melissa Hagen