10 Items I travel With

Travel is a large part of my life, and I feel like I'm always headed somewhere. It takes a little while, but after so many trips you sort of get your travel habits down. Every one has their little travel tips, and magic efficiencies, and I'll save my list of those for a different day. I wanted to share with the top 10 things I find myself bringing every time I head for the airport:

  • Hand sanitizer SPRAY. I used to bring regular old gel hand sanitizer in the mini bottles but then I discovered these travel sized sprays, and that's just the only way. Airports are dirty and I can't spend my time dealing with a sickness I've contracted because of the airport. So now, I can spray my hands, my suitcase, my feet after being forced to remove my shoes, my seat on the plane, the tray, EVERYTHING. Fellow Germaphobes, celebrate. 
  • CHAPSTICK and Hand Lotion! This might be something you just have all the time, but I can't tell you how many times I've shelled out the cash for an overpriced lip balm at the airport because all the hours of recycled air just kills my skin. And if you've been spraying your hands with all that hand sanitizer, you'll definitely need to replace the lost moisture!
  • Headphones / earbuds. Whether or not you watch the free tv, I know you don't want to listen to the sound of the airplane (or all the other people)  for hours. I never used to bring them, but now, I can't live without my headphones on the plane. Plus, it makes taking calls in the airport so much easier. #handsfree 
  • A NAIL FILE. Ok this one may seem like a girl problem, but along with the overpriced airport chapstick, I have purchased more than my fair share of airport emory boards and nail files. I seem to always break a nail going through security and juggling my suitcase, and then I have to sit and focus on my sad torn nail during the whole flight. Do yourself a favor and keep a mini nail file in your bag at all times. 
  • A Sleeping Mask. Also seemingly excessive, but since I love to avoid traffic and find myself always booking early morning flights, I have found a sleeping mask helps me rescue a few of those sleeping hours and then I can land that much more refreshed. Tucking one in my bag to get even an hour of sleep on a short flight makes such a difference for me. 
  • Facial Mist. Growing up, I always read that models traveled with facial mist and I was mystified (haha see what I did there ;).  I had no idea what it was. Now,  I use it every night. But recently, I acquired a travel sized one in my monthly birchbox and I threw it in my bag and now I'll never go without it. That recycled air, I'm telling you. I'm all about keeping hydrated and moisturized now! 
  • A Book. I find the best time for me to read is on planes. I'll pop my earbuds in, put on some music and just get lost in a book. It's a great time to disconnect (8 dollar spotty wifi isn't worth it to me), and just read something fun or inspiring. Also, airport bookstores seem to have the best books so this is clearly not news. But really, I've read so many books while traveling. 
  • A bottle of water. Whether you bring your own water bottle or get one at the airport, I always get one. Yes because of hydration, but here's the real reason: I can't stand the taste of the water they serve on the airplane. It straight up tastes like plastic. There's nothing refreshing about stale-plastic water. So water management is my first task after I get through security and spray hand sanitizer all over myself and my things. 
  • A Scarf. Like a big one. Even if it's summer, planes seem to insist on it being frigid. And you just can't count on them having a spare disposable blankie, so I just make sure to throw on a scarf before I head out the door and then I can wrap up in it-or throw it in my bag if by some miracle it's a decent temperature when I get to my seat. 
  • An Extra Bag. Confession: I'm an under-packer and an over-buyer. Meaning, I always bring the smallest bag I can get away with traveling with and then when I get to my destination, I always find that I have all this extra stuff I've collected that must come with me. Especially when I go to a conference! So, I always tuck a canvas tote bag with a zipper into the front of my suitcase so I can use it as an extra on the way home. It's saved me SO many times. 
Melissa Hagentravel, tips