Social Media Account Maintenance vs Influencing-What's the Difference?

I’ve been finding myself talking about this frequently lately, both with current clients and potential clients, so I thought it would be a good bit of information to share here: 

This is a topic that could go on for days, but for the sake of time (and not boring you to death), I’m going to address this as simply as I can.

It all comes down to the answer to this question: What is your purpose for social media?


There’s a number of different answers including:

-“I want social media to represent my work”

-“I want to make sure my accounts are live when a potential client or customer checks out my profile”

-“I want to be instafamous”

-“I want to have a large following” 

-“I want to share my life”

-“I want people to think I’m cool”

-“I want to microblog”

-“I want to stay in touch with past clients and be available to future clients”

-“I want to inspire the internet”


Deciding what your purpose or goal is for your social media, will help you sort out what exactly your online activity should look like.

For example, if you’re wanting your profiles to share your professional work and portfolio + you want to appear legitimate to potential clients, then consistent posting and proper hashtag usage is going to trump follower and like count-because the goal is to ensure that you have a substantial feed that well represents your business. In this case, you can get away with posting every other day, or once a day-so long as it’s consistent. Your follower count will organically grow, surely but steady, but it probably won’t sky rocket immediately.

This would qualify as account maintenance and it works perfectly fine, it doesn’t need to be super innovative and overall requires a low to medium level service package.

However, if you’re wanting to be an influencer (be inspirational or be instafamous), the game seriously changes. This takes much more commitment (on both your part and mine), more planning, more interaction with your followers and more time. This is a much higher level of service and will ultimately change the way you live your life and work.

This is because, it becomes not enough just to share your existing portfolio. You’ll begin to create, work, take photos of and actually style your life and work according to what gets the most attention on instagram (or your preferred platform).

Example: If you’re a photographer, you’ll begin to shoot for instagram, if you’re a designer, you’ll begin to ensure that what you’re creating is pinterest-worthy, if you’re a dress store, you’ll begin to stock your showroom with styles that get the most tags and repins. And I’ll begin to post for you based on the times of day that get you the most likes, and your feed will become much more curated than it would with simple account maintenance.

Of course, even though these are two very different levels of service and commitment,  they are both customized for every business and we all know needs are always changing for every business. You can start out with basic account maintenance and then once your accounts have a solid organic following, then we can upgrade to more intentional posting with more commitment according to needs. The beauty of social media is though it is a “slow burn”, you get what you give it and that can be as much or as little as works for you and your budget!