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Whatever the situation, we find ourselves feeling alone in business often. Sometimes it's because of a conscious decision, other times it's because of a situation beyond our control-like an out of state move or job change etc.  Depending on your personality type, suddenly finding yourself in a new environment like that, with a new purpose - is often when you least feel like putting yourself out there and meeting new people. But that's when you need to do it. 

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BottleRock Napa: Where Dreams Come True.

We've lived in Northern California for 3 years now, and I've never been able to get tickets. UNTIL THIS YEAR. I found out Tom Petty was the headliner for one of the days of BottleRock and it was an absolute must. The day tickets were announced, Justin and I were both online and ended up snagging 8 tickets. Which for me, was like winning a bucket list lottery!

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About My Tapas Addiction: Bravas in Healdsburg Isn't Helping

I have a major thing for tapas, and I prefer to dine outside on a lovely patio with great ambiance supplied by jazzin music. After some fab wine tasting while in Healdsburg, I was of course, on the hunt for some delish dining and Justin and I discovered this super cute place, Bravas. It's major curb appeal piqued my curiosity and then I saw the sign "Backyard Open". I knew it was the place. 

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The Hunt for Inspiration: Explore Beyond Your Own Industry

Getting outside your own industry to gain inspiration is one of the most undervalued tools I can think of. I look at entirely different industries to light my fire, and to get my creativity flowing beyond the current wedding trends that already exist. I highly suggest finding another industry that semi interests you but somehow translates to your own and go enjoy that for awhile. Maybe that means fashion, photography, landscaping...whatever. 

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Bernardus Lodge & Spa: Retreat into Luxe Details

This is more than a lodge, it's a lifestyle experience nestled into the mountains complete with its own vineyard, bocce court, spa, pool and even an infinity hot tub for watching the sunset before you head off to the bedroom of your dreams. It's the perfect space to easily getaway and get back in touch with nature-without sacrificing even one sliver of the essentials necessary for truly relaxing experience. 

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JetSuite X: The New Way to get around

Imagine my total BLISS when I came into contact with the corporate sales manager of JetSuiteX and I realized that I could take a private Jet 15 minutes away from my house. Of course JetSuiteX doesn't fly everywhere yet, but I personally would trade in all the headache of mainstream air travel for the smaller and customer service driven experience JetSuite provides whenever I could.

Check out why I'm loving JetsuiteX! 

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Confession: I'm obsessed with Product Samples.

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with product samples and trial sizes of any and all luxury beauty products. It's impossible for me to step away from any beauty counter without some samples. And then when Birchbox came around... oh man. My collection grew steadily each month. The other day I realized my samples basket was completely overflowing. I now have an entire shelf in my hall closet devoted to samples!

I literally hoard my samples from Birchbox. I'm ok with it and here's why...

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    Those Details: Blueprint Studios=Serious #eventinspo

    Recently Blueprint Studios threw a great showcase party for SF area vendors and it was so great. I was actually introduced to Blueprint Studio and their level of fabulous at The Special Event conference back in January, so I was excited to come to their showroom to mingle with some of my favorite people and get another peek at their inventory. 

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    10 Items I travel With

    Travel is a large part of my life, and I feel like I'm always headed somewhere. It takes a little while, but after so many trips you sort of get your travel habits down. Every one has their little travel tips, and magic efficiencies, and I'll save my list of those for a different day. I wanted to share with the top 10 things I find myself bringing every time I head for the airport:

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    TSE and My 5 top picks from Michael Cerbelli's Hot List

    Friendors of mind from all over the states were able to join me, including the best part, Troy was able to join me, and we made it another #simplyfancy adventure. Exploring the expo together was great, we were able to take notes, discuss ideas and bounce inspiration off each other. I posted a ton in Instagram live, but now that I'm writing this after the fact, I wish I had kept the videos so I could share them here. One of our favorite experiences was attending Michael Cerbelli's Hot List presentation together.  

    His list was definitely awesome, and I'm going to narrow it down even more and share my top picks from his hot list:

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      Melissa Hagen
      Why everyone needs a wedding planner: A Guest's Perspective

      It's not every weekend I'm sitting in the ceremony seats at a wedding. But recently, I was invited to travel out of state for a wedding with my man. We were attending a wedding of one of his friends, and truly, I was excited to be a guest.

      It really was like a reunion (which, as many times as I've done a wedding, I never completely realized how much a wedding really is like a massive reunion-filled with all the weird pressures you can imagine! I really need to give the drunk bridal party a break the next time I do a wedding...).

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      Online Advertising & The Wedding Industry: When is it worth it?

      The reality is: the internet is a wedding inspiration monster that moves faster than fast.  Everything is so static and a simple online feature can affect a small business’ web traffic and affect sales (and therefore success) directly and more substantially than ever before. 

      So, the question is, when is online advertising worth it? 

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      Wedding Wednesday: Featured on Reverie Gallery!

      Wedding planning isn't my full time thing these days, but I LOVE seeing my brides and their pretty wedding days featured & inspiring more beautiful weddings!  This week, check out Clarissa's fairytale wedding day on Reverie Gallery (one of my fav wedinspo blogs, PS!):  

      "This Salt Lake City wedding is beyond garden pretty! The venue, La Caille is full of perfectly manicured gardens and gorgeous blooms at every turn! This bride planned her nuptials from DC and raved about the talents of planner Melissa Fancy who brought every detail together."  Click here to see more & read the rest on Reverie Gallery. 


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      How to really be on vacation...during your vacation.

      For a bride, (or any other client, of course!) there’s nothing worse than inquiring to a fantastic wedding vendor only to find they’re uninspired and exhausted. Plus, your family will love the uninterrupted time with you!

      Now that I’ve won you over to the idea of actually taking a vacation in the first place, let me share with you my tips on how to actually BE ON VACATION DURING YOUR VACATION!


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        Life after a bad review: 5 Tips on handling a bad review

        Doesn’t it feel as though our entire world revolves around personal opinions about…well…everything???

        Now more than ever, online reviews and comments are swirling around us and affecting our businesses and confidence in every way. Of course, we love all the compliments people send our way, but not every review is a good review.

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