Since my start in the wedding industry in 2010, I've become completely obsessed with stunning and beautifully executed events. 

Whether I'm designing and executing a special celebration, or working with a brand to create gorgeous content, or even when I'm consulting with a wedding industry business on marketing, I pour my heart and soul into everything I do.

I cherish the sacred moments of every single wedding day,  and I take pride in the delight of each guest when they walk into a room I've transformed. 

For me, every project is about connection. I truly believe that each of us gets to work with who we're meant to collaborate with. I'm honored to have worked with literally some of the best in the events industry and I look forward to sharing my experiences and inspiration-as well as bringing fresh ideas and creativity to every project I'm a part of. 

I believe that one is never done learning-I'm constantly learning, growing and expanding my network and experiences so I can bring more to each client and the wedding industry as a whole. 

I'm excited to meet you-whether you need help planning an event, industry recommendations, or are interested in a collaboration.

I strive to live an inspired life, because after all, life is short. Make it fancy.


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